Angular Pacman

The main subject of this project was angularJS. It seemed like one of the basics for a web-dev person (not that I am one), so I decided to jump into the subject. After going through an excellent tutorial on Udemy - taught by the awesome Loony Corn - I felt ready to tackle my own project. And, as the topic of this post may suggest, I decided to create a primitive Pacman game.  So without further ado, here it is~

Score: {{gameState.score}} Lives: {{gameState.numLives}}
A few implementation notes:
  • You get 10 lives, but ya, the ghosts are on steroids; particularly Blinky (the red one). All of them use varying degrees of A* search to find the optimal moves they should make to catch Pacman at every tiny time-inteval. By varying degrees, I mean they're programmed to make stupid choices at different time-intervals as well.
  • The maze was created with your typical DFS. Then, to make the game playable, I randomly took away some dead ends. Though, I guess that still leaves you with a heck of a difficult maze.
  • Heaps and Sets from Google's Closure Library were used to implement the above algorithms. First time using the library, uber-impressed by it.
  • AngularJS was really what let me treat the agents (Pacman, Blinky, Inky, Pinky, Clyde) and even the walls and pellets, as objects. Source code available here.